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Evelyn's Summer Staples

Evelyn's Summer Staples


Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick - I LOVE THIS SHADE! You can sort of tell the color of it in this picture (to the left) but it is a little more mauve in person. This is my go to color! I naturally have darker lips so this shade is more of a vibrant, matte version of my natural color.

Melted lipstick swatch - Now this is pretty similar to the Chanel but it has more brown in it. It also kind of acts like a matte lipgloss. I had been looking for a shade in this color but couldn't find one that I was completely satisfied with, but when I tried this one I absolutely loved the color! 

Burt's Bees Chapstick - Anyone who knows me well knows I have a major obsession with chapstick. I have used several different brands (EOS, Baby Lips, Soft lips, etc.) but have found that my absolute favorite is "Burt's Bees" and "Rose Salve". (which is shown in Maddy's favorite products) My lips tend to dry out easily so I need a chapstick that keeps my lips moisturized for a long time and I've found that Burt's Bees does that.

Mask of Magnaminty - This product from Lush is the best face mask I have used before! This mask isn't for daily use, it's meant to be a deep cleanser. When you wear it you can literally feel it cleansing you! It has peppermint in it which makes it feel a little bit like eating an altoid and then drinking cold water. But rather than that tingly feeling in you mouth, it's on your face. I personally love it because it really does cleanse your skin as promised! It's created for your face, shoulders and back. It definitely lives up to it's name "Mask of Magna-MINTY".

Frozen Bath Bomb - Bath bombs are sort of the rage right now and I completely understand why!  This one is also a Lush product and is called "Frozen". Not all bath bombs are created equal. Some are for moisturizing your skin and some are to make you feel like your bathing in perfume. This one does both! It contains rose oil to give you soft skin. The rose oil also causes it to have an amazing aroma! It also has a ton of little sparkles in it! But don't worry, they won't stick to you when you get out of the bath! 

I've had this bag for a couple of years and I kind of forgot about it until recently. Because it is a few seasons old it is no longer available to purchase! :( I was pretty sad about that because I wanted to offer a link to where you could purchase this bag if you liked it but unfortunately I couldn't find a seller! Although I couldn't add a link, I thought I'd share it anyway! My mom always told us girls not to buy a bag that is black on the inside because it is extremely hard to find what you're looking for in a "black pit". So fortunately for me this bag has a very vibrant coral interior and is spacious, making it easy to store and locate your items!

Hemp Tanning Lotion - This is the best self tanner I have tried! It is a lotion that gradually will turn your skin a bronzer shade. You can be extremely fair or even pretty tan and it will still give you a very natural beautiful color! It is perfect for pre-tanning! It lasts a super long time and won't dry your skin out the way usual self tanners do. It also smells like coconut! :)

Orange Essential Oil - My mom has lately been into essential oils and ordered a TON of oils a couple of months ago and out of all the oils I like this one the best! It doesn't have any artificial fragrance at all! It smells like you just pulled an orange off of the branch! And I would know, I live in the center of an orange orchard!

Beaked Crane Scissors - If I'm going to be completely honest, these are not very sharp! :D But they are so cute! They are handy for little things like tags or paper, but not anything like fabric. Even though the aren't the sharpest tool in the tool box they still make it to my summer obsessions list!

Large S'well Bottle *Small S'well Bottle -  Now these bottles may be my absolute favorite product EVER! Last summer we were in New York at the Highline when we came across some venders and saw these beautiful hand-painted thermoses! We instantly handed the vender our money and are very happy that we did! Not only are these bottles beautiful but they also work really well! I would SERIOUSLY recommend buying one or two or ten. 

Gold Armitron Watch - I had been wanting a gold watch for a while so when I opened this beautiful watch on Christmas I was overjoyed! It is pretty thin and simple which I love because it's not too flashy, therefore I can wear it more often. I'm not big on jewelry so this is the perfect watch for me! 

Gold Pineapple Necklace - Unfortunately I'm not sure where you can purchase this adorable necklace because it was given to me as a gift from some of my closest friends when they came back from Hawaii! It is definitely one of my favorite summer things to wear! 

Ring Tray - Now this is also a gift from another special friend! Not only is it super cute but it is also handmade! So although it isn't something you can buy it is something you can make! Maybe we can do a DIY post on how to make this adorable ring tray?? ;)

Journal Bible - Out of everything I think I use this the most often! You can do calligraphy, drawing, hand lettering...whatever you want! I've always loved art so this Bible is a home run! I would recommend getting this whether or not you love drawing or have nice handwriting. It has definitely got me to open my bible and study even more often! 

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Maddy's Summer Obsessions

Maddy's Summer Obsessions

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