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But first coffee...

But first coffee...

Like most, I'm in love with coffee. Lattes, mochas, french press, etc. But because summer is approaching I have been wanting to make iced coffee! I've come up with a super easy quick way to make a great iced coffee! Here's how in a few simple steps!

The first step is to add syrup. You can use carmel, hazelnut, vanilla, etc. I used "Torani"  vanilla syrup for this one. Be warned that the syrup is EXTREMELY sweet, so unless you have a major sweet tooth, use very little. Just a thin layer at the bottom of your glass is usually enough. 

After you have added ice the next step is milk. I didn't actually have regular milk so I decided to use coconut milk instead. Which is amazing by the way. If you use coconut milk make sure to use unsweetened. Coconut milk is thinner than regular milk so that means your coffee will be thinner as well. 

If you don't want it to be thin you can add heavy cream to add thickness. It also makes your iced coffee richer.

coffee 2.jpg

Lastly add coffee! You will want to brew it pretty strong because the coffee flavor is often masked by the milk. You can also just buy cold brew. Then stir well! And viola! You have iced coffee! 


*Syrup (carmel, hazelnut, vanilla, ect.)                                                                                                      


*milk (you can use coconut milk and/or heavy cream instead)                                                    

*strongly brewed coffee                                                                                                                                 


Blooming Blush

Blooming Blush